Starborne999 Ebay Seller

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This Starborne999 aka Kimberly who sells spirit bound vessels on Ebay, is a crook! She harass people and pretend to be all powerful witch while in reality she is just a plain *** with no magickal powers. She is not psychic at all or anything, she is a delusional *** who pretend so much!

She bad mouth other metaphysical sellers but in reality she is just the Scammer! Fraud of a ***! She just sell you an empty vessel!

Remember KARMA ***! What you do to others will come biting your *** *** in no time!!!

And don´t act so powerful! You are not but I AM!!!

Review about: Spirits.



You are so right she is a liar and a scammer. Don't buy from her. She is a fake!!!

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